The Truth About Your Allergy Quick Fixes

We’ve talked about sinus rinses, over-the-counter medications, essential oils, and all sorts of other pillars of false hope when comes to an allergy solution.  Even now, having tried all of these things, I sit with a dripping nose, watery and makeup smeared eyes, and a box of tissues typing this article.  Usually when you read these types of articles you are looking for a long-term solution.  I am here to tell you that when it comes to allergies, there is no long-term solution, only short term half-solutions.

Just running through the solutions we have talked about in previous articles, you could try essential oils but you’ll have to be willing to pop some peppermint drops every 20 minutes for any relief.  On the bright side your breath will smell fantastic so all you’ll have to worry about when it comes to interactions with the opposite gender is the snot draining out of your sinuses.  Over the counter medications will tell you 24 hour relief, but you’d better only expect about a 6th of that before the itches and the sniffles return.  Sinus rinses will hold you over until you get back into the great outdoors and breath in another nose full of pollen.

Unfortunately, I am also here to tell you that local honey is another of those temporary fixes and even then it can be rather complicated.  You see, because there are multiple types of pathogens in the air, you’ll need multiple different types of honey.  For example, simple clove honey will not do you’ll also need wildflower honey and alfalfa honey.  Once you have your assortment of honeys take a tablespoon of each one every hour and you might be allergy symptom free during most of the day.  Of course if you keep this up over the whole allergy season you’ll be looking at a good deal of extra sugar and probably some significant weight gain.

All satire and sarcasm aside, the only plausible real long term solution to allergies involves a significant change to your diet.  Research suggests that eating a healthy, balanced, low sugar diet and eliminating gluten and dairy can have a positive effect on eliminating allergy symptoms over time.  For many people, this is probably a very disappointing solution.  It won’t work immediately or even over night, it will take a lot of work and discipline, and you’ll have to miss out on some of the most delicious foods ever made!  But hey it’s worth it to escape those allergy symptoms right?  So if you really want those allergies to be gone, buckle down and get to work on fixing your diet.  You’ll have more energy, you’ll finally get that summer bod you’ve always wanted (maybe), you’ll just feel better about yourself in general, and best of all no more sniffles and itches for 4 months of the year.

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